Creative communication means business!

Griffin Design Firm has embraced the 21st Century and offers a complete advertising service that includes new media, blends of new and traditional media and traditional advertising services. This broad range of capabilities allows Griffin Design Firm to offer its customers a complete, innovative advertising solution.

Griffin Design Firm clients include Fortune 500 companies and a select group of smaller firms. The firm finds almost any creative project interesting whether it is a complete advertising program or a specific project. And because of its experience, Griffin Design Firm is as comfortable with medical products as it is with educational services or the beverage industry.

The principals at Griffin Design Firm have years of experience creating winning advertising campaigns and have actively embraced the rapidly changing world to provide their customers with the best of cutting edge approaches and traditional techniques. To effectively bridge the gap that is inevitable during a period of rapid technological change, Griffin Design Firm has actively worked toward a balance between the youth and experience – encouraging both young and experienced personnel to take leadership roles in the company.



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